Global Tree Assessment


All the resources you need to start your own red listing project and get involved with GTA.



Brief 10: How to Red List a Tree Species

An overview of the process of red listing a tree species and the data that is needed. For specialists and non-specialists and for a red listing project of any size. Also available in Spanish.


Red listing e-learning modules

Four e-learning modules to offer an introduction to the process of red listing for trees (available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese). 




The World’s most comprehensive list of tree species name and their country level distribution. 





The most comprehensive database of conservation assessments of plants





Red List Publications 

Taxonomic and regional red list publications produced by Global Trees Campaign. Available here:


   The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Search for IUCN tree assessments and for resources on red listing.



National Red List

Search for national and regional assessments of trees.




Global Trees Campaign

Find out about more red listing projects and the conservation efforts bought about by red listing. 




IUCN SSC Global Tree Specialist Group

Tree specalists helping us work towards GTA.


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