Global Tree Assessment


Two thirds of tree species still need a global assessment, can you help?

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Are you working on the following groups? Or are you interested in getting involved in assessing these species?


Could you red list Galbulimima belgraveana, Woodburnia penduliflora or Wandersong seminervis?


Taxonomic families with fewest trees assessed

Family Tree species in family Assessments still to do
Myodocarpaceae 10 10
Pedialiaceae 10 10
Vochysiaceae 217 206
Linaceae 17 16
Stemonuraceae 68 64
Pandaceae 18 17


Bigger challenges - genera with >300 species still to assess

Syzygium (918) Miconia (467)
Eugenia (697) Acacia (397)
Eucalyptus (569) Elaeocarpus (374) 
Pandanus (533) Schefflera (349) 
Ficus (523) Ocotea (348)
Psychotria (492) Myrcia (308)











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