Global Tree Assessment


Global Tree Assessment: Conservation assessments for all tree species by 2020

There are roughly 60,000 tree species in the world. We know their name and which countries they are in. However, we only have conservation assessments for 45% of tree species. But of the assessed trees, over 45% are threatened with extinction. Trees are at risk of extinction due to a range of factors: overexploitation for resources, deforestation and the growing risk from climate change and exotic pests or diseases. It is therefore essential to assess the threat status of the remaining tree species before it is too late. The Global Tree Assessment will be used to prioritise conservation efforts to ensure no tree species goes extinct.

By 2020, the Global Tree Assessment (GTA) aims to have a global level conservation assessment for every tree species in the world. This is a huge collaborative operation, managed and coordinated by Botanic Gardens Conservation International and GTSG alongside the IUCN and many national and local institutions and individuals. Anyone can get involved, including you.


Araucaria araucana forest. Photo Credit- Dan Luscombe




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