Global Tree Assessment


'The Global Tree Assessment is an exciting and much-needed initiative that will provide excellent information relevant to forest conservation, enabling us to identifygaps and needs in the protected area systems as well as providing a means to monitor and assess real biodiversity outcomes from management efforts'. 

Dr Kathy MacKinnon 

Chair, IUCN/World Commission on Protected Areas


'The Global Tree Assessment (GTA) is an ambitious, important and timely initiative that will provide an essential baseline of tree data for planning and monitoring area-based conservation. It will support the development of sustainable livelihoods especially in forest areas and enhance our understanding of ecosystem goods and services worldwide.'

Dr Jon Hutton

Director, Luc Hoffmann Institute 


'The Global Tree Assessment (GTA), initially planned in 2003, and with renewed impetus in 2015, provides valuable baseline information for tree species, improving priority setting and enhancing global, regional and national efforts towards species and habitat conservation. Through sustained efforts, GTA will contribute sigificantly towards achieving the Convention of Biological Diversity’s Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Sustainable Development Goals.'

Dr Lillian Swee Lian Chua

Forest Research Institute of Malaysia


'The IUCN Red List is an important risk indicator for timber companies engaged in responsible sourcing policies. The Global Tree Assessment is an ambitious and most welcome initiative updating information on the conservation status of timber species worldwide. The species assessments and maps produced will be invaluable for promoting sustainable forest management.'

Dr. Charles Barber

Director, Forest Legality Initiative, Forests Program, World Resources Institute




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